Fed up with Winter? 5 tips to stay motivated and fit!

Struggling to get out of bed in the morning? Snooze button your best friend? Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Getting out of bed when it’s dreary and dark, then going to bed in the cold, wet night can feel like an endless struggle. Putting exercise in the mix often results in a “maybe later” feeling. So, here are some tips to keep you motivated and exercising during these winter months. Before you know it, summer will arrive and you’ll look great, feel great and be raring to go!

Tip One: Set yourself goals

It’s really important to set goals. A key principle in order to achieve them is to be able to pinpoint your ultimate goal. What is your goal? Is it to lose weight, get toned, lose inches or even train for a marathon? Define it, own it. This will really help you keep motivated during the winter, and in general. The next step is to work out how to achieve this. Setting yourself specific mini-goals will really help. W8 GYM has online workout videos – try one workout for a week and then two workouts the next week, going at your own pace etc. Choose the degree of difficulty to suit your fitness level by changing the weights you’re using, varying the strength of the resistance bands or the number of reps. Monitor your progress regularly so you can see what you’ve achieved. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t quite achieved your goal. Just keep going, you’ll get there. We BELIEVE in you, believe in YOURSELF!

Tip Two: Home workout

W8 GYM has got this one covered! All you need is a little bit of space (2M x 2M). The W8 GYM provides everything you need to get you working up a sweat and releasing those essential endorphins. If you’re on a tight schedule and only have ten minutes to spare, it’s better than doing nothing. If you want, take the W8 GYM with you to work or wherever, so you can still keep fit and get in some daily exercise. A recent study found that a 10-minute intense workout three times a week (often referred to as sprint interval training) showed similar results to a moderate intensity 50-minute workout once a week. So, you don’t always need to spend as much time exercising as you may think. The key is to do something!


 Tip Three: Grab yourself a buddy

Working out together has so many benefits – socialising with one another, getting to know each other and challenging each other. Try seeing how many push-ups or box jumps you can do in a minute. According to studies, having a “gym buddy” increases the amount of exercise we do. It also provides a great deal of emotional support and encouragement.


Tip Four: Share your progress

What better way to motivate yourself than by sharing your progress online? Why not tag @W8GYM with how much progress you have made – we would love to see them! In turn, your efforts will motivate others – so it’s a win, win all around.

Tip Five: Motivation 

Find what motivates you. Whether it’s displaying your targets and workout routine on the wall, a picture of what you aspire your body to look like, having a killer playlist, maybe all three, find something that works for you! Focus on keeping motivated and always have a workout that you enjoy. When you get bored of one routine- change it! That’s why we’re constantly providing new workouts – it makes keeping fit fun and you’ll look forward to working out!

Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. You are unique. There is no one in the world that is exactly like you, so your goals and results are unique to you as well.

Be proud that you are doing something to be the ‘BEST VERSION of YOU’.

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