Q&A with the inventors… Let’s talk W8 GYM!

Written by: Nick Meaney
New holding image - W8 GYM
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Since the launch of the W8 GYM, we’ve had lots of you asking us questions about a variety of different things that are revolved around the W8 GYM itself, which is fantastic!! 

With this in mind, we thought it’d be a great idea to sit down with the inventors Nick & Clive and ask them EVERYTHING that you’ve all been wanting to know! 

Here goes…

Q. If you could describe the W8 GYM in one sentence, what would it be? 

A. It’s a multi-functional, stylish, portable ‘GYM in a Box’ that allows you to workout anytime and anywhere at your own level without the need for a gym membership or personal trainer. 

Q. How do you use the W8 GYM?

A. In so many ways. It’s such a versatile product that has no limits. At present we have found that you can perform over 250 different exercises with the W8 GYM and we are discovering more everyday! I can use it for cardio, strength, resistance, low impact, high impact and it really does work the whole body.

Q. What body parts does it work?

A. The whole body! Arms, core, legs, glutes, shoulders, back, calves…everything! It can literally give you a workout on whichever body part you want to focus on.

Q. Who can use it? Do you have to be of a specific fitness level?

A. No. We’ve done W8 GYM workouts with all ages ranging from a 12-year-old up to an octogenarian and everything in between as they work at their own fitness level. The best thing about the W8 GYM is that you can change the weight. The unit is 14.5kg full and 3.5kg empty. You can keep all of the dumbbells inside for the heaviest weight or take them out according to how heavy you choose to work. There are actually 19 weight variations. The resistance bands are 3 different strengths as well; 5kg, 10kg and 15kg so when you attach them to the eyelets on the side of the box you can use 1, 2 or even all 3 strengths of resistance bands all at once, 30kg! It works for everyone and you can design your own workout.

Q. What makes it different to other products on the market?

A. The multi-functional element and the fact that you can change the weight (W8) of the entire unit. Some products work well on their own or with a few additional features, but it isn’t possible to change the weight of the equipment without having multiples of the same product, like kettlebells for example. The W8 GYM is so neat, it looks good and it’s nice and compact, so you don’t need a huge pile of equipment in your living room. It’s great for people who are into the gym for the days when they may not have a lot of time and just want to do a quick 20 minute HIIT session. And, it’s equally great for those people just starting their fitness journey who may feel intimidated working out in front of others because they’re in the privacy of their own home.

Q. Where can you use it?

A. That’s the beauty of it because it’s compact and portable you can work out anywhere you like. We’ve exercised with it on holiday by the pool, on the beach, hotel rooms. We’ve used it in the park, garden, bedroom, lounge- literally anywhere you choose. Its compact size means you don’t need a lot of space either which makes it so convenient.

Q. What’s included?

A. In the box, you will receive your W8 GYM with a small mat to protect the floor and prevent slipping and an instruction manual which includes 2 workouts. There are also free workouts to follow on the website which we’re adding to all the time. The actual W8 GYM is packed with a door anchor, 3 sets of resistance bands (5kg, 10kg, 15kg), 3 sets of dumbbells (1.5kg, 2kg, 2.5kg), a pair of resistance band handles and a pair of ankle/wrist straps.

Q. How much is it?

A. It is £159 for the Electric Green, Hot Pink or Cool White and £169 for the Deluxe Gold Edition

Q. What are resistance bands and how do they work?

A. Resistance bands are essentially elastic bands that you use to do strength exercises. Your muscles work against the force of the resistance bands when you exercise with them. They allow you to perform a whole range of movements with added resistance which helps build your strength and helps to tone and define. With the W8 GYM you can clip the bands onto the side of your unit using the eyelets and clip-on handles or ankle/wrist straps depending on the exercise. They are extremely adaptable and you can work your whole body with the resistance bands alone! The difference with the W8 GYM though, is that you don’t have to stand on the bands to make sure they are equidistant or worry about them flying up. The bands have carabiners which clip onto the eyelets on the sides of the unit. We have formulated many workouts using the bands and they are extremely effective.

Q. Will I be missing out on equipment that I find in the gym?

A. No. The W8 GYM incorporates all of the gym equipment into one box. The best part is that once you have paid for your W8 GYM, all of our workouts are free! We post them online for you to access easily and follow along on your phone, laptop or tablet. There is no need to worry about a gym membership and monthly payments. One payment gives you all of the tools you need to work out for free wherever you want! You can do resistance training, squats, bicep curls, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, rowing, cable machine exercises, step exercises, reformer exercises and the list goes on. It’s your very own ‘GYM in a Box’ and we have compiled all of this into one place for you. Less IS more!

Q. What’s the total weight of the W8 GYM?

A. It weighs 14.5kg fully loaded and 3.5kg empty. So, with the interchangeable 10kg of dumbbells there are 19 variations of weight so you can choose the weight you want to work with. 

Q. How do you change the weight?

A. The dumbbells are held in place by a specially designed sprung clip. By taking out the dumbbells you choose to make the unit lighter or by keeping them in, make it heavier. You can keep all of the dumbbells in, take them all out, leave 1 pair in or 2 pairs in- it’s totally up to you. The same goes for the resistance bands- you can select which strength you want to work with and use 1 pair, 2 pairs or 3 pairs all at the same time.

Q. What results can I expect to see from working out with the W8 GYM?

A. It all depends on what your goals are. But whatever they are, you can definitely achieve them with the W8 GYM. There is no quick fix and it is not a gimmick. We have designed this product to fit in as part of a healthy lifestyle and only a lifestyle change will help you achieve long-lasting sustainable results. If strength is your goal, the W8 GYM can help with that. The W8 GYM will help you achieve definition and help you get toned. It will help you build lean muscle, lose weight and overall get fitter. We provide you with free nutritional advice on our website, free workouts and all of the equipment you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Q. Are there special W8 GYM workouts that we can follow? Where can we find them?

A. Yes. We’ve launched our FREE W8 8-Week Challenge which you can sign up for and receive the free PDF download on the home page and all the instructional videos and workouts are available on our website under Free Workouts.

Q. If I’m used to lifting weights in the gym, is the W8 GYM going to fulfil my needs? 

A. Yes. The key to the W8 GYM is using the actual unit itself for different exercises. You can choose the weight you want to work with and by combining the resistance bands you can definitely still push and challenge yourself.