W8 GYM Launches! Read about the launch event

Written by: Nick Meaney
New design ALL colours - W8 GYM
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We finally launch the W8 GYM

The W8 GYM was launched at The Curtain Hotel in Shoreditch, London. For those of you who don’t know, the W8 GYM is the World’s first, truly innovative ‘GYM in a Box’ that allows users to perform over 200 exercises with just one unit. The uniqueness of the compact, portable W8 GYM is that you can change the W8 (weight) of the unit via interchangeable dumbbells. This coupled with the attachable different strength resistance bands, handles, ankle/wrist straps and door anchor all neatly packed inside the unit, along with a protective floor mat, allows you to perform workouts literally anywhere and any time- it literally is your own portable GYM! There are over 200 exercises which can be done using the W8 GYM.

Clive Payne and Nick Meaney, fathomed the concept, creation and design right from prototyping in the garage through to manufacturing to produce a stunning and functional piece of gym equipment.

The Event

At the launch event we showcased the evolution of the W8 GYM over the years. From the initial concept drawing, to various prototypes, the W8GYM has been through five years of trials and tests and is now available on the market! It is available in four colours; Hot Pink, Electric Green, Cool White and the Deluxe Gold!

The launch event kicked off at around 3pm and the press began to arrive. There were around 30 journalists and press who attended, each of whom were able to select a W8 GYM to take home (or rather, get delivered!). They also got to trial the equipment by doing a HIIT workout led by Fleur East and Gym Shark kitted everyone out in some fantastic #ActiveWear.

A much-needed refuel after the workout was provided by KIN Nutrition, alongside some healthy snacks from Eat Real. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the workout and the versatility of the W8 GYM. During the training session we mainly focussed on cardio and resistance training using the W8 GYM, but don’t worry, everyone got to choose their weight level beforehand – not everyone had to spend 45 minutes working out with 14.5kg if they didn’t want to!

There was time for networking and interviews with our founders after the press event, and from 7pm there was a launch party for all of our friends and family of the W8 GYM! There was a competition running during the night and people could trial the product and purchase their own unit. There was also a contest to see how many box jumps people could do in one minute which ranged from 40 to 90, which just goes to show that the W8 GYM really is for all fitness levels!

We would like to thank everyone who attended the W8 GYM Launch, and we can’t wait to see how everyone gets on with their own new ‘GYM in a Box’. 

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